Hundreds march in London for those who died in state custody

UFFC Rally London 2021 - Image credit INQUEST

source: PressTV
published: 31 October 2021

Hundreds of friends and relatives of people who died in prison or police custody in the UK have held a rally and remembrance procession through central London, calling for justice for their loved ones.

The rally, which is organized by the United Families & Friends Campaign, has taken place every year in London since 1999. The group is made up of bereaved families and others affected by deaths at the hands of United Kingdom police, in prisons, in immigration systems, and psychiatric custody.

The latest march began in Trafalgar Square on Saturday and marchers carried banners with photos and pictures of those who they say had died at the hands of the police and state.  “It’s an annual memorial. It’s in memory of all loved ones that have died at the hands of the state in the UK, and we are remembering them today,” said Marcia Rigg.

Rigg’s brother, Sean Rigg, suffered a heart attack in Brixton police station in 2008 after being restrained by police while suffering an episode of mental ill health.

“It’s a memorial procession as opposed to a protest march, even though it is a protest against the non-accountability of any of these deaths in custody,” said Rigg, who is now the chair of the UFFC. “I’m certain there is not one family here that has received justice.”

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